Under was a youth project where youths from Rosengård in Malmö, Sweden, worked with professional actors and film workers.  The film premiered at a cineama in Malmö, and after that it was shown online, divided into serveral episodes. I was a pedagogue in this project , working with the youths all the way from writing the script to completed film production. I and another filmmaker was filming.  


Limbus is a film made for the project "Glömda världar"  (Forgotten Worlds). The dance is performed by the butho dance group Noll Corpus. The production of the film was a cooperation between myself, who was filming, Lars Larsson who edited and the musician Kennet Cosmio. The film was produced in Västerås and viewed, among other places, at "Filmbar" at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden. 

Life Goes On and Your Vision Your Will 

from South Africa

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