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South Africa 

During a period of around five years, on and off, I went to South Africa to work on different projects through photo, documentary filmmaking and tourism. The first time I came to South Africa was through studies at the Red Cross’ school in Stockholm.

I became absorbed by the country's vulnerable history. I was lucky enough to meet people who were very welcome and open, and brought me to different areas of Cape Town. I had the opportunity to experience many unforgettable meetings with people, whose stories touched me in different ways. All the impressions in this country full of contrasts – beautiful landscapes, poverty in townships, gated communities, the history of apartheid and the strive to become a rainbow nation – have caused me never to stop being curious about this country.

Here you can see some of my photos from South Africa, and you can also see my films Reggie Life goes on and Your Vision Your Will

Below: My photos of people I met in a squatter camp in Kensington, Cape Town

Below: A view over a village near Cape Town. 

south africa photo anna larsson

Below:  Inside homes in a squatter camp in Kensington, Cape Town. 

_MG_0919 2.JPG
south africa The photo is taken inside a home in a squatter camp in Kensington, Cape Town. Photo: Anna Larsson
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