Homeless Angel?

Homeless Angel? is a series of black and white art photos with documentary elements. With these photos of a confused angels journey, I explores questions about identity and belonging.


The creation of the angel portraits started in autumn 2017 when I, Anna, and Toni Galant, who portrays the angel, travelled around in Skåne, Sweden. The angel has shown up in many different places: in the Lund Cathedral, the woods, at the fire brigades, at a farm, at a quarry, a market in Malmö, a car junk yard, with a motorcycle gang, at train stations, by the Öresund Bridge and more. People we met along the way had a great impact on the process.


Every photo is a little fragment from the angels journey. Between these fragments there are gaps that gives the observer a chance to be a co-creator. With these pictures I want to invite the audience to create their own reflections and answers.


Homeless Angel? was exhibitied at  the Galleria La Tabacalera in Madrid, Spain, 2018 and 2019.It will be exhibited in Staffanstorps Konsthall in Skåne, Sweden 15/6-6/7 2019

And it will be exhibited in Domkyrkan in Visby on Gotland in Sweden 13/7-16/9.

Model: Toni Galant. Photo: Anna Larsson

Installation film for the photo project Homeless Angel?

Article in the Swedish newspaper Gotlands Allehanda about the Homeless Angel-exhibition in Gotland. 

Article in the Swedish newspaper Skånska Dagbladet about the Homeless Angel-exhibition in Madrid. 

Poster to the exhibit in La Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain 

Layout: Lars Larsson 

Poster to the exhibit in Staffanstorps Konsthall, Skåne Sweden

Layout: Staffanstorps Konsthall.

Poster to the exhibit in Domkyrkan in Visby , Gotland Sweden

Layout: Karl Larsson.


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