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the boy who carries a dream upon his shoulders 

The documentary (24 minutes)  is about 13 years old Reggie living in a squatter camp in Kensington, Cape Town. Reggie is a young man who is very talented at playing soccer and plays in Ajax Cape Town and in Lifezone.

You will get to know Reggies origin, his tough neighborhood where he is growing up with drug abuse, violence and gangsterism surrounding him and his family. The film is produced in South Africa and in Sweden.

The film was part of the project "Let your dreams come true" that also contained photo workshops in Cape Town with some of the kids from Lifezone, learning about photography and how to tell stories through pictures. It was a collaborative project between filmmakers in South Africa and Sweden.


Reggie and his friends.



the boy who carries a dream upon his shoulders


Photography and director

Anna Larsson, Råfilm



Niklas Croall


Audio post production

Olof Eronn



Maria Bohlin


Motion graphics

Hanna Elliasson


Artistic collaboration

Bulelani Mvoto, Snapshot Mobile Cinema

Swedish schools and libraries can rent the film from Filmcentrum. 


Me and filmmaker Bulelani Mvotho ( from Cape Town)  filming in Sweden. The man on the photo is Jeremy Wyngaard. The founder and coach for LifeZone.


The football team Life zone 


Reggie and his mum.

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