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Anna Larsson, fotograf

About me

I am Anna Larsson, a project manager, filmmaker, artist,  photographer, and soon Business developer in the hospitality industry. I am living in Sweden but mobile in where I am sitauated. I love to capture moments and meetings through the lens. I discovered photography when I was 12 years old, and since then I have continued to experiment with the camera. I also work with handicraft with wool and with forging.

Right now I am studying Business development in the hospitality industry. One year of finished studies and one year to go.

I mostly work with a documentary view, and to experiment with that view really interest me. I like to work on the border between documentary and staged photograpy.

My curiosity in life and my eager to learn and develop haven taken me to a lot of different places in Sweden and around the world, and continues to give me opportunities to meet a lot of different people and projects where  I make a difference.


Contact me through my e-mail address above, or fill in the contact form below. 

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